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~ Welcome to Lemmy's ~

Welcome to Lemmy's Beer and Whisk(e)y cafe

The place to be in Leiden if you want to enjoy beer and whisk(e)y

Check out our beer menu (bierkaart) and pick a beer of your choice 

Our drafts (wisseltap) changes every week so there will always be
''a little suprise''
to check out

We also have a inviting whisk(e)y collection (whisk(e)y gids) with
different single malts  ..........

Wine lovers are not forgotten, our wine menu (wijnkaart) contains 
several quaffable and well picked wines by a profesional wine-connaisseur,
and there are ''Bubbles'' to also enjoy 

We hope to welcome you soon, and serve you a drink of your liking.

                                                                             Lemmy's staff