Battle Royale – Round 5: Four Times Dryhopped Double NEIPA

Another Double NEIPA in this hop-forward series! However, it gets really interesting when we look at the hops we’ve used! In the whirlpool we’ve added highly concentrated liquid extract from El Dorado and on the second brewing day we’ve reused the hop residues from our Levensgenieter in the whirlpool! This gave the beer a huge aroma boost! The Australian hop Galaxy predominates in the dry hop tangled with Citra and Mosaic! Finally, we’ve added even more liquid hop concentrate just before filling!

El Dorado Incognito
Mosaic/Citra Slush
Galaxy (DH)
Citra (DH)
Mosaic (DH)
Spectrum Citra (DH)
Spectrum Mosaic (DH)


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