Elvis Juice

An American IPA with a bitter edge that will push your citrus tolerance to the brink and back; Elvis Juice is loaded with tart pithy grapefruit peel. This IPA has a caramel malt base, supporting a full frontal citrus overload – grapefruit peel piled on top of intense us aroma hops. Waves of crashing pine, orange and grapefruit round out this citrus infused IPA.

Malts: Cara, Extra Pale

Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Magnum, Mosaic, Simcoe

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Prima Donna

Did we set the bar high by calling her a Prima Donna? We sure did! but before you start judging her, get to know her a little better. Take her hand and walk for a little while trough the Italian landscape. Discover the italian Limoncello culture with some old belgian tradition in the mix.

This blonde is not a traditional blonde. narcissistic as she is, she demanded to be called Limoncello Blonde. But to be honest, the demanding ‘first lady’ has a point. She reeks and tastes of Lemon, but she is still classy as she should be.
At an easily drinkable 5.0% she’s not that punch in the face, if you don’t count the citrus-limoncello-whip.

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Spring/summer Blonde with chamomile and verveine.

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Imperial Stout

Made with Highly roasted malted barley, and plenty of it, to give the beer an uncommon richness and smoky, roasty depth. Just the way the 18th century Russian royalty liked it.

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Lemmy’s Tripel X-Rated Batch #3 (2020)

Alweer de 3e batch van deze viergranen tripel sinds 2016 gebrouwen ter gelegenheid van het 20 jarig bestaan van Lemmy’s biercafé, het mooiste speciaalbiercafé van Leiden. De Lemmy’s tripel is een stevige Beligische stijl tripel, fruitig, kruidig, licht bitter, maar pas op het is gevaarlijk doordrinkbaar.

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Rembrandtbier – Danae

Een bier uit de tijd van Rembrandt, volgens historisch recept gebrouwen, met onze eigen draai vanzelfsprekend. Sylvius, ook een tijdgenoot van Rembrandt en uitvinder van Jenever, bracht ons op het idee Jeneverbessen, Citroenschil, Koriander en Kaneel toe te voegen.

Danae is net als onze andere bieren een mythologische figuur, maar tevens een prachtig schilderij van Rembrandt.

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Delirium Tremens

NB: Depending on the location and batch, this beer can be either 8.5% or 8.7%. Please do not post an edit request asking to change it from one to the other.

The allusion to pink elephants and the choice of names is not due to chance. With a particular character, the unique taste of results from the use of three different kinds of yeast. The result is a finish of peppery bitterness without aggression. The gray bottle hides a mystery awaiting discovery by the none faint of heart.

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Cherry Cotton Candy Glitter Extravaganza

Who’s your cherry pie? Don’t tell your lover, because from now on it’s the Cherry Cotton Candy Glitter Extravaganza! A sparkling Fruited Cream Ale with an overload of cherry and sweet and sour aroma’s of guava. The first sunbeam’s of spring warm up your winter coat when you only smell this liquid cotton candy. Don’t forget to store this beer upside down. Such a sweet and sparkling surprise!

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Stamgasten Bier

Een niet te zwaar blond bier gebrouwen ter ere van de 25e deelname aan de Peurbakkentocht te Leiden.

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T.Rex in Town Oerbier

De eerste beleving is een lichte dennegeur,na de eerste slok komen tonen van caramel en een kleine zoetheid naar boven,daarna komt de bite in de vorm van een lichte pittigheid uit zwarte peper met een lichte bitterheid

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Brand Lentebock is gebrouwen met een bijzondere blend van gebrande moutsoorten en vergist met een bovengist. Lentebock dankt zijn frisse smaak aan de Saazer hop.
De smaak van Brand Lentebock komt het beste tot zijn recht in het Brand Diamantglas.

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Rodenbach Fruitage

Rodenbach FruitAge is a blend of aged ale, young ale and 9% red fruit, which gives it its sweet-sourness and fruity notes. Pure refreshment.

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Lemmy’s Hoppy Lager

Lemmy’s Hoppy lager. Specially Brewed by Uiltje Haarlem for Lemmy’s Beer & Whiskycafe

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Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier / Hefe-Weizen / Weissbier

The No. 1 Hefe-Weißbier in Germany and one of the world’s favourites. Naturally cloudy and shining silky gold in the glass under a really strong head of foam. At the first mouthful this Weißbier classic has a mild aroma of banana. Finer palates detect a trace of mango and pineapple and the balance between sweet and bitter. Beer connoisseurs appreciate the fine note of yeast and the mild but sparkling mix of aromas. It is a typical beergarden beer, which brings people together all over the world.

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O’Hara’s Irish Stout

The flagship of the O’Hara’s brand, this uniquely Irish stout brings one back to how Irish stouts used to taste. First brewed in 1999, it has since been awarded prestigious honours for its quality and authenticity.

O’Hara’s Irish Stout has a robust roast flavour complemented by a full-bodied and smooth mouth feel. The generous addition of Fuggle hops lends a tart bitterness to the dry espresso-like finish. This sessionable stout beer is filled with rich complex coffee aromas mingled with light liquorice notes. The combination of traditional stout hops with an extra pinch of roast barley allows us to stay true to Irish tradition, recreating a taste so often yearned for by stout drinkers.

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